The Tomb of the Eagles -- South Mainland, Orkeny

This is the entrance to a tomb pre-dating the Egyption pyramids. 
We had to pull our selves into the entrace using a rope attached to 
a little cart.

The tomb sits back about twenty feet from the cliffs of the coast -- a sheer drop of nearly 300 feet!

I altered the picture so you could get a better idea of what it entrance looks like.
It was much darker than this.

Crossing over

That little swatch of white is part of Catherine's jacket. The remains of about 350 people were found
in the tomb.

Inside the tomb
Coming out of the tomb was trickier. There was no rope to help you and the little wheels on the cart
were tough to maneuver; plus -- it was very wet.
Coming out of the tomb

Catherine striking a pose at the tomb's entrance.

Here's a picture from another site -- the url is Some history

The main hall of the tomb.
Catherine attempting to move a giant stone -- an earlier Stonehenge.
Standing Stones of Stenness
Some things never change. Here's a prehistoric house -- complete with bedrooms, kitchen and family room. It was discovered after a terrible storm in the late 19th century.

Fred Flintstone's House

Here's a big close up of the entrance.
Big picture